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What information can we provide?
  • Insurance write-off and Accident damage category
  • Reported as stolen to the Police
  • Has previously been stolen & recovered
  • VIN / Frame number Validation & Check
  • Colour & number plate change history
  • Exported or scrapped
  • Number of former owners / keepers
  • From just £2.99 per motorcycle check
  • Instant View and Download - Get a Report Now is provided by CarweB LTD
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iBikeCheck is a quick and easy way to check a bike and its hitory. I am writing this good review because I believe that the service offered it fantastic and I use iBikeCheck to buy my new bike every year. HPI affer a similar service but information is easier and quicker. On iPhone and Android too!
PerterP - Motorcyclist
Checking a bikes history via a bike check is so important nowadays. The amount of bike check sites a re few and far between so it was nice to find an motorbike hpi check website that did it all. A bike checker is a useful tool when buying a bike and would not hesitate to use you again. Thanks iBikeCheck defo be using you again.
JamesH - Motorcyclist
Great motorbike check. The cheapest bike checker around and simply great value. I was able to do a motorbike VIN check also which gave me confidence in buying the new bike and that the frame number was genuine. iBikeCheck really does make bike hpi and a bike reg check very easy indeed! A definate 5 stars from me
JonC - Bike history checker
I am now able to give my customers even more confidence when buying one of my bike checks, its great that iBikeCheck delivers outstanding finance and mileage records as well as a comprehensve return of DVLA information too. I am happy to recommend iBike check to my customers and be happy in teh fact that they get correct data."
PastyC - Bike shop owner

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Buying a new bike? We have constructed the iBikeCheck ultimate buying guide. We list the top 20 things to look for when buying a new car. Easy to read and follow.

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Get a comprehensive Motorcycle Check from

If you are buying a used car then you will want to know all the details. Buying any car is a major investment and so you won't want to hand over your hard earned cash without knowing exactly what you are buying. However, many people do exactly that. They are so eager to complete a sale and drive home that they haven't checked out all facts. That's where an HP check can come in handy. A Bike Check can quickly provide you with a huge amount of information about a particular car, so you are fully informed before you make that purchase.

Protect against buying a written off car with a car data check

Having bought a used car without having done a Bike Check, some people find that some work needs doing on it. However, when it gets to the garage they find that it has, in fact, previously been in an accident. They then find out that the car was actually written off several years before. If they had come to for a simple car registration check then we could have told them from the start that it had been written off by the insurance company. Every year, nearly half a million cars are written off by insurers, but some still manage to find their way back onto the road. By buying one of these cars you could be putting your safety and the safety of others at risk. Don't let that happen to you; a car data check is quick and will give you peace of mind when buying a used car.

An HP check could stop you from buying a stolen car

It's true; one of the many really useful features of a Motorcycle Check from is that it can tell you whether a car has been reported stolen to the Police. We receive information from the Police National Computer files and pass that information on to anyone performing a car registration check. If you don't do a car data check and then your car turns out to be stolen then you would lose your car and any money you paid for it. After the excitement of buying a car, the last thing you want is for it to be taken away again with no compensation.

Don't buy a cloned car, do a car registration check

A clone is a stolen car that has been passed off in some way as a legitimate vehicle to hide that it has been stolen. However, a simple Motorcycle Check would quickly let you know whether you have bought or are about to buy a cloned car. A car data check from will also let you know the car's chassis/VIN number, which is unique for that car. This is the best way to tell if a car has been cloned. The consequences for not performing a Bike Check and then purchasing a cloned car are the same if the car was stolen – you will lose the car and the money you paid for it. If you are worried you have bought or are about to buy a cloned car, check it out first with a quick and easy Motorcycle Check.

You can trust a Motorcycle Check from

You know your car registration check is in good hands with We are powered and operated by CarweB Ltd, one of only a handful of companies approved by the DVLA to receive their bulk data. By performing a car data check with us, you know you're getting the most reliable and up-to-date Bike Check data. Don't get caught out, do an Motorcycle Check today.

Perform a Motorcycle Check on the go

It now couldn't be easier to do a car registration check thanks to our innovative mobile app. With our fantastic Motorcycle Check app, you can perform a car data check wherever you are at the touch of a button, and still receive all the valuable information you require. The app includes a full registration and search history as well as giving you up to 83 fields of information per vehicle. You can also search by registration and check a VIN number. By using our car registration check app you can also receive great rewards, special offers and discount vouchers, making our Motorcycle Check even better value for money. The Bike Check app is available on both iPhone and Android phones, and integrates Facebook and Twitter sharing, so you can share your car data check information with everyone.